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This is a video of the week. I’m showing you my condo, which will be going on the market soon. If you are in the market for a condo in Rockville, MD please let me know. I’m going to take you on a journey with my to my family land. I want to share with you where we are farming. The daily work on the land. I few places that I like to get away and meditate.

This is a way to give you my backstory. Allow you into my life before this journey begins. I hope you enjoy.

Hi, my name is Kenric, and I’m the owner of Country Boy Travels. I want to thank you for subscribing to my website countryboytravels206.com or booking through my website or Facebook or following me on my IG page at countryboytravels206.

I wanted to take a little time about me and my business. Before I got into the travel business, I was in the military. I served in the army for over 20 years. I loved it. I lived in Germany for three years and traveled while I was there visiting places like France, Italy, and Denmark, to name a few. I continued to travel throughout my military career and also during my time in the private sector. I worked in the private sector for two years but did not get that fulfillment and passion for what I was doing, so I took some time off to travel.

As I was traveling, I began to reflect on the beauty and the people in this world. The beauty of different cultures, food, and landscapes. So I decided I was going to be the first African American male to travel to all 206 countries and territories in the world.

Through your subscription and bookings, you are part of the team, helping me to achieve this goal. My business model is such that I do not charge any additional fees. I get paid through the resort or hotel. By not charging extra fees, I can give you the lowest price possible and help you also achieve your travel goals. As deals come along, I will continue to make that information available for you to take advantage of these deals.

Again, thank you for subscribing, booking, and following me at countryboytravels206.com or Facebook and IG at countryboytravels206.


I’m a native of the United States of America by way of Atlanta, GA. Like many, I started with a very humble beginning. I grew up in Atlanta, GA, with deep country roots, influenced by my grandmother. We used to spend many weekends and summers in the home where my grandmother grew up. It is an interesting story, to say the least; my great-great-grandfather, John Henry Johnson Sr, was born into slavery in 1855. During his lifetime, he gained 1,000 acres of land which 50 acres passed to my great-grandfather Elijah Johnson. 100 acres are now owned by the descendants of Elijah Johnson to this day.

I have many happy memories of staying on the land, drawing water from the well, feeding the animals and riding the go-kart during my childhood. I joined the United States Army at the age of 17. During this time, meeting and learning about people in unlikely locations such as Kuwait, Kosovo and Iraq sparked my quest to learn and understand the world. As I have traveled, I have learned we have more in common than we have different.

After spending twenty years in the US Military and two years in the corporate sector, I decided it was time to do something different. My great desire to understand different cultures and try new cuisines drives me to explore the world. Follow me as I take this journey around the world to become the first African-American male to visit 206 countries. I want to share my experiences and provide the world with a unique vantage point of its beauty. I hope to promote diversity among different cultures in a positive light, echoing the compassion and love of all people around the world.

I want to inspire people to travel, understand different cultures and try new things.
I want people to see my emotional and spiritual journey as I see the world.
I want to document the people and places I visit
I want to highlight the importance on supporting one another, the community and nature.
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