Singapore Airlines SQ 305 Business Class LHR to SIN Part 2 Meals Lunch Tea Breakfast

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SQ 305 Business Class London Heathrow to Singapore Part 2 Meals Lunch Tea Breakfast. This is part 2 of my video, where I show you the meals on my flight in Business Class from London Heathrow to Singapore on SQ305. The meal starts with the canape, which was Singapore satay, served by a Singapore Girl. Now isn't that awesome? Next was the starter. For the main, I 'booked the cook', and got Hainanese Chicken Rice! Hainanese Chicken Rice is one of Singapore's most famous hawker dish. Yes, hawker dish. BBC wrote an article "A dish worth a 15 hour flight" - http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20151105-the-singapore-dish-worth-a-15-hour-flight. Quoting from the article, "Chicken rice is a full meal born out of the frugality that comes with strife and a battle to survive, as the Hainanese struggled to establish themselves in Singapore."

Some readers (especially those from Singapore or Malaysia) may be wondering why in the world did I choose Hainanese chicken rice for my flight? SQ has so many wonderful gourmet choices, so why choose this chicken rice when I can easily get very good chicken rice from all over Singapore? Well, the answer was that I had wanted to try the SQ version of the Hainanese Chicken rice for a long time now. Yes, in all my previous flights, I had tried other dishes (e.g. Lobster Thermidor), but I think it was now time to try it and get it off the bucket list! No regrets. It was good! I like the white meat and I finished the chicken (goes very well with the chilli). I also finished the dessert, but didn't care too much for the cheese. Enjoy the video and thanks for watching.

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