Blaise Compaoré to be tried for coup against Thomas Sankara | Positive Leftist News, April 2021

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Intro 0:00
Workers’ Rights 0:41
Food Security 4:48
Free Palestine 6:46
Abolish the Police 7:42
Black Lives Matter 8:22
Decolonization and Indigenous Rights 9:50
Anti-Imperialism 12:47
Trans Rights 13:35
Fuck the Patriarchy 14:27
Electoral Wins 15:11
Environment and Animal Liberation 16:17
Outro and Patrons :) 18:06

Kansas City Homeless Union victory:

Timon Ncube wins high court victory

ALDF Union victory:

New Zealand taxes rich and raises minimum wage:

New Mexico legalizes weed:

United Miners Trade Union, Albania, Debreshi running for parliament

Mutual Aid Pantries gaining traction in Philippines

Free Fridge Food (these are popping up everywhere):

Detroit People’s Food Co-op Signs Purchase Agreement for North End Location

NDP passes resolution around Israel-Palestine

New Mexico ends qualified immunity:

Transit workers refuse to aid police by transporting arrested BLM protestors:

Charlottesville can finally remove Robert E. Lee statue:

Update on SHS story:

Sinixt tribe victory:

Brazil Supreme Court sides with Indigenous

New Mexico passes hair discrimination bill:

Blaise Compaoré to be tried for the assassination of Thomas Sankara

Middle school students in Grants Pass, Oregon, protest anti-transgender school staff

New Zealand bereavement leave:

Peruvian socialist ahead in the polls

Pro-Independence, Democratic Socialist party wins in Greenland:

New Zealand Climate Change Law:

Jury acquits Extinction Rebellion protesters despite ‘no defence in law’:

Nepal’s rhino population grows during pandemic:
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